Second Marriage

Denise Robins was one of the most popular authors of historical romances in the early twentieth century. Her novel Second Marriage was first published in 1916.

The novel is set in England in the early nineteenth century. The heroine, Lady Jane, is a young widow who is forced to marry Lord Edward, a much older man, for financial reasons.

Despite their differences in age and background, the two gradually fall in love with each other. However, just as they are about to be married, Edward is killed in a hunting accident.

Jane is devastated by his death and withdraws from society. She spends the next few years living in seclusion, until she meets and falls in love with John, a young man who is very different from Edward.

With John, Jane finally finds the happiness she thought she had lost forever.

Second Marriage is a classic romance novel which tells the story of a woman who learns to love again after the tragic death of her first husband. If you are a fan of historical romances, then this is a book that you will definitely enjoy.