Love Is Enough

Love Is Enough is a novel by British author Denise Robins, first published in 1937. The story is set in Victorian England and revolves around the lives of two sisters, one of whom is forced into a loveless marriage while the other finds true love.

The novel begins with the forced marriage of Sarah, the older sister, to a wealthy man whom she does not love. Her sister, Emily, is in love with a poor man named John, but their father will not allow them to marry. Sarah’s husband is cruel and neglectful, and she soon realizes that she is nothing more than a trophy to him. She is miserable in her marriage, but she does not want to leave her sister alone with their father.

Emily, meanwhile, is slowly dying of a wasting disease. She knows that she does not have long to live, but she is content knowing that John loves her. Sarah realizes that the only way to make her sister happy is to allow her to marry John, even though it means sacrificing her own happiness.

In the end, Sarah’s husband dies, and she is free to marry John. The two sisters are finally able to be together, and they spend the rest of their lives happily in love.

Denise Robins was a popular author in the early twentieth century, and Love Is Enough was one of her most popular novels. The novel was made into a movie in 1940, and it has been reprinted several times. Love Is Enough is a classic love story that has stood the test of time.