Denise Robins was an English writer of historical romances. She was born in London and educated at a convent school. After her marriage to a French doctor, she lived in France for many years. In addition to her novels, she wrote several biographies and a history of the Crusades.

Khamsin is a novel by Denise Robins, first published in 1920. It is a story of love and adventure set during the time of the Crusades. The heroine, Alix de Montagnac, is a young French noblewoman who is betrothed to a man she does not love. When her father is killed in battle, she is forced to marry the ruthless Lord Raoul de Vaux, a man she fears and hates.

Alix is soon caught up in the dangerous world of the Crusades, where she must fight for her life against the Saracens and the treacherous Lord Raoul. Along the way, she meets the handsome and courageous Sir Hugh de Leon, a knight of the Crusades, who wins her heart. But can their love survive the horrors of war?

Khamsin is a thrilling historical romance that will transport readers back to the time of the Crusades. If you enjoy stories of adventure, love, and betrayal, then you will love Denise Robins’s Khamsin.